Safety and Security Features


We HF Matrimony are cared about our member’s safety and have taken all the way to protect member’s privacy

General Measures

“All of the members are unknown to each other”, since you are going to choose a person you should be cautious to stay safe.

  • While having communication, be gentle and take more time to understand about the person. Please don’t share any account information’s. Avoid unwanted topic and chats
  • When you decide to meet the person in real for the first time, try to meet in public places and avoid private places. Also accompany or inform your friends or relatives before the meeting.
  • Make sure that both persons family get to know each other before proceeding to next level of relation. And don’t try to mislead the family members since marriage makes union of two families.

Privacy Features

HF Matrimony let the members to set the level of their privacy which enables to avoid unwanted communications.

  • You have Photo Password option to protect your profile photo, only members who have password can view the same if you share to them.
  • You the options such as Rejecting Interest, Ignore and block to avoid communication with members.
  • You should be careful about the credentials of your account and should not disclose with any others to maintain your credibility.

Profile Credibility

HF Matrimony is careful in member’s authenticity.

  • HF Matrimony account is verified with an active mobile number through its free mobile verification service.
  • We also ensure the email verification of each user.