• Open to
  • Click on the Register link in Home Page.
  • Provide the basic details including valid Email ID and password.
  • Click on Register button. You will be directed to another page.
  • Please enter the verification code send to the registered mobile number.
  • Please login to your account and complete the partner preferences getting profile suggestions.
Profile creation / modification
  • Login to your profile using your Id and Password.
  • If you are for the first time, profile directs to the photo upload page or Select “Add/Edit Photo” from Profile Edit.
  • In manage photo menu you can add the image, clicking on Add more photo.
  • Select your photo and click open
  • After loading the photo, Crop your photo in appropriate size to view in profile.
  • Using the cursor adjust the size of image in square shape for cropping.
  • Press continue to save the settings.
  • You can add 12 photos to your profile.
  • Photos should be in jpg or jpeg or png format and should not exceed 5MB.
  • Each photo uploaded by the user is subjected for screening process and then only it’s approved. The photo will be seen to other user only after approval.
  • This is an exclusive option available for all users to protect their profile image using password. The image will be displayed to other users only if you share your photo password.
  • This can be done from the Photo Privacy menu.
  • Select protect with photo password” and enter your password other than profile password and click submit.
  • Press continue to save the settings
  • If you forget your photo password you can click on the “Forgot Photo Password” button and enter the Profile password. Then your photo password will be mailed to your registered mail id.
  • Click on the Photo Privacy menu
  • Select the “Visible to all” option" and click submit.
  • Then press continue to save the settings.
  • We are having e-mail alert option to get the alerts make sure that you have verified your email id.  You may be having two types of Alerts-Match Alerts and Non-Match Alerts.
  •  In Match Alerts you have four options which can be selected for daily and weekly matches. The profile matches will be selected according to the preferences you have updated in your profile.
  • The other option is about the notification of Phone number view, personalized message, Interests and reminders.
  • These options are given in “Email Alerts/Matches” under settings menu.
  • Privacy settings help you to decide what information’s are allowed to view others.
  • You have the option for not making your profile public.
  • In mobile privacy setting you can choose who all can view your phone number.
  • The privacy settings is available under settings, please choose the desired options and click submit.
  • This is for temporarily deactivating your account. During this period your profile will not be hidden from our members and you will not be able to contact until you activate.
  • Once you deactivate account for fixed days, after the duration your profile will be activated automatically. This option is made availed as “Deactivate Profile” under Settings.
  • If you have got a partner and not looking for further matchmaking you may be going to delete the profile. For this an option “Delete Profile” is available under Settings and you can permanently delete your profile and cannot be restored later.
Login Details

Enter your registered “Profile ID” and “Password” in the given boxes and click login button.

  • Please take care of the case of the Matrimony Id you enter.
  • Please make sure that no spelling mistake was occurred.
  • Please make sure that there are no spaces for the Matrimony Id entered. For Eg. HFF0025677 / HFM0025677 is correct where HFF 0025 677 / HFM 0025 677 is wrong
Search Profiles

Regular Search

It’s the simplest search which enables you to search with few criteria’s such as “Age, Religion, Height, Mother tongue, Caste, Place and Education”. “Among this Age and Height are mandatory”.

Advanced Search

This search includes the options in Regular search as well as the following search options such as “Occupation, Income, Habits, Interests, etc”.

Keyword Search

Using this search you can find profiles which describe the keyword you have entered. The matching profiles will be shown in the result page. Eg. Place/ Qualification/ Job etc.

Profile ID search

We can search one particular profile if the profile id is known. To use this enter the Profile ID into the Profile ID search box and Press search. The profile will be shown if the Profile ID was correct.

Saved search

You can search the profiles using saved search option where your search preferences are saved during the Regular and Advanced search.

When you get this message you can understand that you have given narrow criteria for searching. Try to broaden your search criteria so that more profiles will be shown.

When you obtain this message please check the Profile ID you have entered. Please ne cautious not to have spaces in between the ID. Eg. HFF0025677 / HFM0025677 is correct where HFF 0025 677 / HFM 0025 677 is wrong

Enter the Profile ID in the Profile ID search column and Press search you will get the particular profile.


If you still have any queries please use the Contact Us option. We will get back to you as early as possible.